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No upcoming events

De Graancirkel is the newest student sports association in Groningen and is attached to the ACLO. The ACLO is also where our training sessions, toss evenings and tournaments (usually) take place.

Our training takes place at De Golfafslag (ACLO) ( Each member has the opportunity to train at their own level, at least once a week with a trainer. During the training sessions, different aspects of the sport will be practiced every week, so you can develop your skills very quickly.

Toss evenings
In addition to the weekly training, De Graancirkel also organizes a toss evening every week. Here all members can play some games with, and against each other. Although there is no trainer on the toss night, you can learn a lot from each other! In addition, this is also the time of the week to get in touch with your fellow Graancirkelaars.

A monthly tournament is organized to show your skills. Both members and non-members can participate and you can test whether you can deal with the competition stress.